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"The Adventures of ‘Spargus and Chubby,"

The Funnies #2, November 1936

Page 110-11

A. Merritt, The Metal Monster, Argosy Al

Page 129

A. Merritt, "The Metal Monster,"

Argosy All-Story Weekly, August 7, 1920, cover by Glen White

Page 148

The Electric Leg, UK 1912

Directed by Percy Stow

Hans Horina, Professor Dodger And His Au

Page 90

Hans Horina, Professor Dodger And His Automatic Servant Girl (November 17, 1907)

1911-03-22 Dundee Evening Telegraph and

Page 74

Otto Whitman (or Widman), with Occultus, 1911


Iron Monster Turns Traitor: The Amateur Robots

1795-12-22 The Times of London 1 android

Page 35

The Times of London, December 22, 1795

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